AT&T Synaptic Compute-as-a-Service Feedback

Amongst other things, we do some work with AT&T’s Synaptic Compute-as-a-Service product. It’s their mini EC2/Azure that fronts a big vmWare infrastructure. One of its screens asked me to provide feedback, but I overflowed the form. Having used a few

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Rename Grails for 3.0? I say go for it.

Tuesday at SpringOne2GX 2013 was chock full of content. The Grails BoF was by far my favorite session: no set topic, just a room full of devs, the Grails team and Groovy team reps, and a cart of beer. This

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Great new bits in Grails 2.3.0

Kotek and I got to head out to SpringOne 2GX to speak, but we had to leave Todd, Yo, and Stroz at home. (Marc’s off in Pythonland.) I’m in a session that is a) really good but b) stuff I

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Swinging with Gradle

I’ve been meaning to blog quickly about this Gradle tip for a while. A few months back, I created a template generator for Deft JS applications. It’s a Gradle build script that takes some user input and spits out a

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Grails, Travis CI, and Permission Denied

I was recently integrating Travis CI into my Grails CoffeeScript Compiler plugin, and ran into an odd problem. Since Google wasn’t very helpful, I thought I’d share the solution. I started off with a very simple .travis.yaml file: language: groovy

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Grails for the Wicked Smaht

Grails for the Wicked Smaht Something I like about Groovy/Grails is that I seem to get 90% of my work done with 10% of the language/framework. Here’s a guide to the 10%, intended for folks who already know what they’re

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Dynamic Map keys in Groovy/Grails

Nothing earth shattering to see here: I answered this question for someone and wanted to share it. The Question How do I use a variable to name a map key when using ‘object’ notation instead of .put()? The Answer Wrap

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Creating a Tomcat Virtual Context Root in a Grails App

Today, I wanted to do some debugging of an ExtJS app that uses Grails. In the past, I would have just copied and pasted the ExtJS source files into my Grails webapp folder. But today, I decided there has to

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Solving Puzzles With Code

A few months back my wonderful wife bought me an awesome “Mensa Puzzle” daily calendar.  I love little brain teasers so I was looking forward to tackling one a day to keep the old noggin sharp.  Unfortunately, here we are

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Pwned: CSV export/import with Grails

Yesterday I woke up to face an awful requirement: a site administrator needs the ability to download the contents of just about any table to CSV, edit them, and then re-upload the CSV. Seriously – why’d we bother building an

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