Creating a Custom Grails Error Page for Production

The other day I had to go to, and I got a raw error page:

That made me think that it’d be a good idea to blog how to create a custom error handler in Grails. By “handler,” I mean more than just a .gsp that shows an “Oops” message, instead of a stack trace, when GrailsUtil.environment is “production.” I mean one that:

  1. Shows an “Oops” message, instead of a stack trace, when GrailsUtil.environment is “production.” ( 🙂 )
  2. Invokes a controller method, allowing me to “do stuff” (log, e-mail administrators, etc.) when there’s an error
  3. Gracefully handle a subsequent nested error within the controller

So here’s what I do:

Creating a environment-specific views

First, I whip up a quick ErrorController that renders a ‘development’ view in development, and a ‘production’ view in production:

Then, I create development and production specific views in views/error:

<!doctype html>
	<title>Application Error - Development View</title>
        <meta name="layout" content="bootstrap">
        <meta name="bootstrap" content="main">
	<link rel="stylesheet" href="${resource(dir: 'css', file: 'errors.css')}" type="text/css">
        <p><em>This is a development view of an error, and would not be shown in production.</em></p>
	<g:renderException exception="${exception}" />

Last, I tell UrlMappings.groovy to use my ErrorController instead of the stock errors.gsp view:

Using my controller method to ‘do stuff’ with the exception

Within my controller method, the exception is available in request.exception, letting me log it, e-mail myself, or do whatever I want. In a full-bore application, it might be a good idea to wrap this logic up in a service.

Please, read the next section, or you may end up in a world of hurt.

“Doing stuff” without destroying your server

If you’re anything like me, it’s inevitable that your error handling “stuff” will one day throw an error. That’s bad, because it’d re-invoke the error handler…which’d re-invoke the stuff…which’d throw another error…which’d…you get the idea. Lost thread, server crash, bad day altogether.

I’m a simpleton, so I opt for an easy way out of this that tries/catches both “doing stuff” and rendering the appropriate view, showing a third very basic, “geez-this-should-never-fail” view:

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5 comments on “Creating a Custom Grails Error Page for Production
  1. As of 2.2 something like this is being done in error.gsp: . I prefer using a controller since you have a lot more control. But at least out of the box production apps will have a much cleaner error display.

    Note that using “GrailsApplication.ENV_PRODUCTION == GrailsUtil.environment” is an older way of doing that check; use “Environment.PRODUCTION == Environment.current”.

  2. Joe Rinehart says:

    Noted – thanks Burt!

  3. valamata says:

    yeah nc post bro… every thing was clearly elaborated …big thanks

  4. john says:

    Sadly, the images seem to be gone, so there is no detail or “how to”.

  5. Sana says:

    thanks for nice and step by step explanation.

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