Solving Puzzles With Code

A few months back my wonderful wife bought me an awesome “Mensa Puzzle” daily calendar.  I love little brain teasers so I was looking forward to tackling one a day to keep the old noggin sharp.  Unfortunately, here we are approaching March and I’ve done a horrible job at finding the time to work on the puzzles.  This evening I glanced over at it and decided to tackle the entry from January 4th – yeah, I told you I’d fallen behind on it.

Here’s an image of the puzzle so you can play along at home:

Copyright belongs to the calendar publisher of course!

Since I’ve never been good at solving puzzles requiring any sort of math I decided to tackle it via code.  My first approach completely failed.  I’d share it with you, but I’ll spare you some belly laughs and just show you what I came up with after glancing at the solution on the back of the calendar.

Which got me to the solution of 199.  Here’s the answer from the calendar which explains it better than I could.

If you would have solved it differently feel free to post your solution in the comments (and feel free to use whatever language you’d like).  I think I may try to continue to solve some of these puzzles via code in the future as a way to keep my code based problem solving abilities sharp.

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  1. That was very cool practice … 🙂

    Thanks for the puzzler …

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